About Us... 
Nationwide Services, Inc. (N$) is a professional corporation representing the credit / collection industry throughout the nation, providing truly experienced, conscientious representation on delinquent accounts.  Corporate offices are based out of Santa Barbara County; Montecito, California, with additional offices in Ventura County; Camarillo, California.

N$ sets itself apart from other collection agencies in that all direct collections are handled exclusively by seasoned collectors of N$ with no less than 10 years experience in debt collections. By representing your interests only through highly trained, experienced experts, we offer the highest and fastest possible return on your money, as well as educated insight and recommendations regarding the actions required on each account. N$ systems and procedures have been developed from over 30 years of experience in the credit and collection field. 

Immediately upon receipt of your claim, contact is established with your customer - not through the use of form letters; our efforts are directed at contacting the debtor personally. Although our approach is aggressive, it is tempered to maintain your established public relations image while protecting your interests. N$ uses state of the art automated data systems and software on the market today.  We offer online capability in which our clients may place accounts, email, request status reports and utilize other facets of online services 24 hours a day.  Our belief is that, "money never sleeps."

When each account has been received, you will be forwarded an acknowledgment to confirm our efforts have already begun.  In addition, several computerized management control reports can be provided to suit your individual requirements.

We remit promptly on money collected generally 14 days - the "fastest" in the industry. All claims are handled on a strictly contingent basis; No Collection, No Fee. As we also provide a variety of special services outside the direct agency approach, some prices (e.g. Small Claims, Writs, Litigation, etc.) are negotiated according to individual requirements.

Nationwide Services, Inc. are the leaders in the collection industry and represents a vast cross section of industries, national as well as international.  We take pride in our strong recognition and reputation with the highest integrity in the collection industry.

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